10 Reasons RVing Is Now the Best Way to Travel

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10 Reasons RVing Is Now the Best Way to Travel

If you love travelling and exploring new places, then using a Recreational Vehicle (RV) is one of the best ways to do it. While there is an increasing number of digital nomads who spend most of the year in their RVs, there are plenty of reasons why RVing is a great idea for shorter holidays too. Read on to learn the top reasons why travelling by RV is one of the best ways to travel.

  • More Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Outdoors Than Camping

Many people associate RVing with camping. While you may share a particularly scenic area with campers to rest your head at night, the truth is you’ll be far more comfortable when you have air-conditioning for hot nights and hot water for a shower when you need it. Oh, and did we mention, no shared bathrooms?

  • You Can Carry Plenty of Gear with You

Travelling by car limits the number of things you can carry with you on holiday, even with a roof rack. Let’s not even talk about how little baggage is allowed on an aeroplane. An RV allows you to carry all the gear you’ll need for your holiday adventures – whether it’s mountain bikes, fishing gear, or your favourite gold clubs. People have also been known to tow their boats with their RV!

  • Cheaper Than Hotels

Did you know that a holiday in your own RV can be as much as 75% cheaper than flying to a destination and renting a hotel room? You can make your RV trip as affordable or as expensive as you want to. The ability to cook your own meals as opposed to eating out can alone save you a bundle. If you look around, you can also find free spots to park your RV and activities that don’t cost the earth including exploring National Parks, hiking, and more.

  • Dictate Your Own Pace 

Every RVer will tell you that one of their favourite parts of travelling in an RV is the ability to travel at their own pace. There’s no rushing for flights, waiting around airports when there are delays, or tied down to anyone else’s schedule. You’re on holiday the second you get into your RV and there’s no one else who has any say over how fast or slow you go.

  • Flexible Itinerary

Being able to dictate your own schedule means you can also spend as little time or as much time as you want to in a particular area. RVng allows you to really imbibe the vibe of a place. You only need to be careful in peak seasons where booking in advance is advisable.

  • Work As You Go

RVs allow those with the ability to work remotely a whole new way to live. You don’t have to use all your PTO to travel. You can work while you’re on the road. Think about it – your new home office can have a different view everyday.

  • Spend Time with the Family

Travelling with your family in an RV allows you to spend more time together and have fun. You can’t really play games on a plane as you need to be mindful of other travellers. Additionally, since your family spends most of its time together in the same room in an RV, it really helps you bond. 

  • Take Your Pets Along

Speaking of family, RVs allow you to travel with your furry buddies. No more looking for a pet sitter and going through all that heartbreak when you leave them at home. The main piece of advice is to check that any RV park you choose allows pets in advance and whether there are any restrictions concerning them.

  • Make Friends Along the Way

RVers are a friendly lot. Unlike hotels where you’ll probably never know your neighbours, you’ll find yourself being invited to share campfires on a regular basis. Many travellers have forged lifelong friendships and even made business connections while on the road. 

  • Home is Where You Are

Travelling in an RV literally means you’re home wherever you go. You can take all the little things you miss when you’re normally on holiday – whether it’s your most comfortable robe or a favourite stuffed animal. From stylish refrigerators to specific layouts, you can also modify your RV to make it feel like home.

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