For more than 30 years Trademasters has been selling and installing 5th wheel hitches, giving us extensive knowledge of all 5th wheel and Gooseneck hitches. From different brands to different styles, we can recommend the perfect hitch for your specific application. Contact us, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.


Camping trailers are portable dwellings on wheels. We specialize in making sure you have no problems while towing your travelling home from place to place. Caravans, campers, and camper trailers may go by different names, but they are essentially the same thing.

One thing to note is that trailers attached to the towing vehicle’s bumper are called travel trailers. Trailers that attach to the bed of the truck pulling it are called 5th wheel trailers. The latter is better equipped for larger trailers and a more stable towing experience.

And when it comes to 5th wheel hitches, Trademasters in Chilliwack is the place to go. We carry some of the best-reviewed trailer hitch products and accessories you’ll find anywhere.

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What You Need to Know When Buying a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

You’ve got the truck, and now you’re thinking about the trailer you want to buy. Or maybe you already have both and need the equipment to hook them up. If you need advice about hitches and installation, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll need to know a few things before getting started.

  • The year, make and model of your truck (to verify the style of truck bed mounting system)
  • The measurements of your truck bed
  • How much weight you’ll be hauling (Weight of your trailer dry and loaded)

Once we’ve established those parameters, we can start narrowing down your selection based on your personal preferences and budget.

When deciding which style is best for you, there are several factors to consider.

Did you want something permanent or prefer something removable? Are you towing a different 5th wheel trailer each time you tow or just one? Do you need a slider or setback hitch? Our goal is to get you the best hitch that you will feel the most comfortable using.

As with all our other products, Trademasters prides itself on installing only the best fifth wheel hitches today, including products from CURT, Andersen Hitches, B&W and Demco Trailer Hitches. We are familiar with all the major brands and are happy to help with honest service and advice.

Andersen Hitches

Andersen Hitches has been around for over 50 years and provides dependable accessories for outdoor enthusiasts that are simple to install. Their Ultimate Connection 5th wheel trailer hitch is notable because it’s super rugged yet lightweight.

It’s available in different mount options, including a rail mount, gooseneck mount, and lowered flatbed mount. It all depends on your type of vehicle, gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) and towing needs.

The Ultimate Connection design is nice because it gives you a bit of leeway when connecting the hitch ball with the kingpin for easy coupling. It also offers a 360 degree pivot as opposed to the double or single pivot 5th wheel hitches.

No matter the size of your truck bed or whether you have a toolbox already mounted in the back, Anderson Hitches has a 5th wheel hitch that will work.

Trademasters is happy to talk you through the best options and the necessary towing accessories you’ll need for your truck. We’ll make sure you have enough clearance and the best system for the pin box on your 5th wheel.

5th Wheel Hitch, Towing and Hauling RVs, Trademasters
5th Wheel Hitch, Towing and Hauling Boats, Trademasters

B&W Hitches

Another popular hitch Trademasters carries is the Companion® by B&W. Their innovative towing hitches are unique as they mount to B&W’s Turnoverball gooseneck system for those trucks that don’t come with a factory puck system. This allows the flexibility of towing both gooseneck and 5th wheel with ease. This design also makes the Companion® easy to install and remove.

Pre-drilled holes in the base of the hitch allow for the height adjustment you may require for the cab and bed sides of your truck.

If you have a small truck bed, the Companion® is also available as a slider in both styles, railmount and Turnoverball. Trademasters will ensure you make the right purchase before installing.

The Companion® also features a locking jaw system that wraps around the kingpin. The easy one-handle operation controlling the movement of the jaws ensures safe, secure towing. A single maneuver is all it takes to lock it in place.

People who own this hitch rave about its sturdiness and quiet efficiency. Thanks to its precision machining, cushiony polyurethane bushings, and built-in shock absorbers for lateral movement, you’ll always have a quiet “rattle-free” ride.

Curt Hitches

Curt hitches are another trusted brand we keep in stock. Like the other makes we sell, they are designed for safety, ease of use, and durability.

Their A-series™ of 5th wheel hitches includes an ergonomic handle and one-pin head for easy setup.

Their Q-series™ is specially designed for quiet operation with its pivoting mechanism, which provides greater maneuverability in any direction. Its three grease fittings deliver constant lubrication for the smoothest ride, even with heavier trailers.

And the E-series™ provides an affordable hitch option with a dual pivoting head that gives you 10 degrees of lateral movement.

Truck, Trademasters, Truck Accessories
5th Wheel Hitch, Hydraulic Truck Hitch, Trademasters, Truck Accessories

Selecting the Right Fifth Wheel Hitch for Your Truck

The length of your truck bed and the gross weight of your trailer will help determine the 5th wheel hitch that is right for you. Our job is to ensure you have the right tow vehicle system and accessories for your hauling needs.

Gooseneck hitches are used more for larger flatbeds or if you’re using your 5th wheel hitch to haul a horse trailer, for example.

Unless you have a high level of expertise in the area, we suggest leaving the fifth wheel hitch installation to us. We deal with all makes and models of trucks, including short-bed trucks where a sliding hitch is necessary.

With an emphasis on safety, our staff will ensure you don’t exceed your vertical load limit. We want your trailer hitch to be the perfect fit for you.

The whole point of getting out into the wilderness is to enjoy a stress-free getaway. Trademasters will ensure your new trailer and trailer hitch are correctly mounted and ready for ease of use.


Hijacker has been a trusted name in the RV industry for decades, and their towing products are well-known for sturdiness and dependability. Trademasters is proud to partner with Hijacker to bring their superior products to residents of Chilliwack!

Learn more about each 5th wheel hitch below, and contact us today for your free inventory or quote request.


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