Trademasters has multiple air up and down options to choose from. Anything from an analogue air deflator and a portable compressor to a hard mounted auto up & down system. If you have any further questions about any of these systems give us a call or email.

Airing down your tires when off roading is as important, or more, than choosing a quality lift kit and shocks. Airing down will give you a significantly more comfortable ride because it acts like shocks or dampeners between you and the road. It also gives you more traction. Your tire, when deflated, will have more of it’s tread touching the dirt and obstacles you drive over. It will also be more malleable which will prevent punctures from sharp rocks. Be careful though! Make sure you know what your tire can handle; we do not advise doing this if you don’t have heavy ply sidewall.

With compressors, there are so many different brands and styles to choose from. Trademasters can get all of them including the ARB, Smittybilt, RFX, and many more.


Prices can fluctuate – call or email for more info. 

Tier one air up and down is tried and true. Though maybe not as compact and efficient as tier two and three, it provides you with all the advantages of airing down your tires at a fraction of the price.

Portable air compressor with tire deflator kit.

Possible to upgrade to digital air deflator or automatic air deflators.



Custom mounting options for Jeep, Toyota and Ford. For all other types, universal mounting options are available.

Tier two is a significant upgrade. The twin motor air compressors will be more powerful and efficient, for extended durability and use. You will also love the advantage of the space saving, with multiple mounting options from under the seat to the engine bay. These compressors will not take up needed storage space and will be able to handle multiple jobs including heavy duty tires, air lockers, or a floaty for a day at the beach.

Onboard air with air deflator (analogue or digital)



Combine a Tier I or Tier II compressor with this air delivery system. 

Tier III is the ultimate way to air up and down. Not only can you set the controller to a certain pressure, so all tires deflate or inflate to the same amount, you can set it and sit in the warmth and comfort of your vehicle while it’s working. This is the cleanest, easiest, and most efficient way to air up and down. Call or email today for pricing and custom fit for your rig.

Auto Up & Down with onboard compressor.