Securely Mount Your Camper

Enjoy unparalleled strength and security for your camper system by choosing camper accessories from the pros at Trademasters! For years, we’ve been Chilliwack’s go-to suppliers of camper, RV, motorhome, and truck accessories. We lean on extensive industry partnerships to recommend the best products for your unique camper setup, and our years of experience allow us to provide industry-leading towing, truck, and trailer services. Contact us today for expert assistance with finding and installing the right camper tie downs for you!


  • Choose from a large selection of camper tie downs to support campers of any size
  • Find wiring packages and battery disconnects compatible with your system
  • Get full-service installations and test drives on all new gear
  • Enjoy first-rate service at our location in Chilliwack!


Here at Trademasters, we love helping people get off the beaten track. Sometimes we mean that in a literal sense by providing 4×4 parts and accessories for offroading Jeeps or trucks — at other times, we’re happy to help people find their escape in a motorhome or towed camper that we know is staying firmly on the pavement.

No matter what the “beaten track” looks like to you, our team is here to help you build your perfect escape on wheels. If you’re looking for camper tie downs or other accessories for your truck camping setup, we know just where to start.


If you’ve ever been truck camping, then you know how many benefits it offers over driving a motorhome or towing an RV. Trucks are smaller and more maneuverable, allowing you to access places you could never dream of seeing from a huge motorhome! This makes it easy to get out into the great outdoors and visit the places on your dream list.

For successful truck camping, you’ll need a reliable way to secure your camper to your truck. Depending on your vehicle, there are a few solutions from which to choose, but frame-mounted camper tie downs are among the most popular options because they are widely considered to be the strongest, most reliable, and most durable choice.

Some trucks may not be compatible with frame-mounted tie downs, so other options include camper tie downs that attach to bumpers or the truck bed itself.

Not sure where to begin? Our technicians at Trademasters can evaluate your vehicle and recommend the best option for mounting your camper. We invite you to set up an appointment with our team in Chilliwack!


Ready to build the perfect truck camping system? The team at Trademasters is here to help! We are proud to partner with world-class manufacturers to offer the industry’s leading camper accessories, and our experienced technicians offer full-service installations for customers in and around Chilliwack.

When you order truck accessories through us, you can count on:

  • Expert Recommendations: We’ll walk you through all the best camper accessories on the market and help you choose the right one for your system.
  • Transparent Quotes: We can provide clear, accurate, and industry-competitive quotes on the products we carry.
  • Full-Service Installations: Our technicians can perform full installations on the equipment you purchase through us.
  • System Test Drives: After installation, we can test-drive your new camper system with you to make sure there are no issues and you feel fully confident in your setup.
  • Troubleshooting: If you do run into problems with your camper, our team is available to help you diagnose and solve the issues to get you back on the road!

Contact us today to learn more about the camper tie downs we carry, ask for a quote, or schedule an appointment with our technicians in Chilliwack!

We proudly stock a large selection of camper tie downs that are able to support campers of any size. As your go-to supplier of truck and camper accessories in Chilliwack, we also offer wiring packages and battery disconnects. Do you need to haul a trailer with the camper? We have hitch extensions that haul up to 8000 pounds and extend up to 48 inches. If that’s still not enough, Super Hitch extensions can haul up to 10,000 pounds at a 60-inch extension.

Are you looking for a way to take your towing to the next level? Ask us about suspension upgrades — we have several options from which to choose!