Do I Repair My RV or Get a New One?

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Do I Repair My RV or Get a New One?

Living the RV life is the dream for many. You can take your home wherever you want to go and live life on the road. Just like a home, an RV is going to need regular maintenance to keep it shipshape – whether it means making sure your RV is prepared for the winter before or fixing leaks as they occur. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to live in a house with a leaky roof. 

One of the most important things to realize is your RV is part home and part vehicle. So, if the ‘vehicle’ part breaks down one day and there’s something wrong with the ‘home’ side the next, it may feel like your RV needs a ton of repairs – simply because there isn’t any separation between the two. 

Preventing the Need for Repairs

The old ‘prevention is better than cure’ adage applies to RVs as much as it does humans. Following a strict maintenance schedule can help you pre-empt problems before you hit the road. 

  • Examine Your Vehicle Thoroughly:

Check your tires  before you set out on the road. Having a tire blow out while you’re driving can be dangerous, not to mention difficult to have repaired depending on where you are. Also, perform a light check and inspect the trailer reach and frame rails for cracks and broken paint.  

If you don’t use your RV on a regular basis, consider booking a spot at an RV park near you to take it on a test-run for a weekend. 

  • Give It The Attention It Deserves

Even if you only use your RV occasionally, start the engine once a month. This will help keep the batteries charged and in good condition. Run your generator too and Check smoke alarms and other safety equipment while you’re at it.

How Old an RV is Too Old?

No such thing really, provided your RV has been cared for and maintained well. Many RV owners come across the ‘ten-year rule’ where RV repair personnel don’t want to repair RVs older than 10 years. This is often because of the lack of training and knowhow. 

Just like homes are made up of different parts from different manufacturers – for example, your windows aren’t made by the same company that makes your faucets – so are RVs. The RV manufacturer then puts them together to create a whole. You can also renovate and upgrade your RV to modernize and upgrade the components

Repair Costs

It’s a good idea to look for RV repair shops that you can trust. It’s not too much to ask for a written quote for the repairs. In rare circumstances this may not be possible but always ask. It’s important to know what you’re spending before the work starts.

So, Should You Buy a New RV Instead of Repairing Your Old One?

Again, a reputable RV repair shop will have the ability to advise you on this. There will be several factors at play, such as, the cost of the repair is more than the value of the unit. New units have factory warranties but depreciate quickly. 

Trademasters has the ability to fully repair or upgrade all aspects of your RV at our Chilliwack shop. Our certified Red Seal RV Technicians have many years of experience helping people get their RVs back on the road with transparent and affordable pricing. 

If an RV needs maintenance, leave it to us, and you’ll be back driving on scenic routes in no time!  If you have any questions about what we can do for your RV, send us an email or give us a call 604.792.3132. or visit us in Chilliwack today!