Essential Tips: What Vehicles Can Be Flat Towed?

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Flat towing is a popular way of towing vehicles behind an RV or motorhome, as it offers the convenience of not needing to have a separate tow vehicle. However, not all vehicles are suitable for flat towing due to their weight and transmission type. In this blog, we will cover the criteria that make a vehicle suitable for flat towing and which modifications are necessary to prepare your vehicle for safe flat towing. We will also answer if any vehicle can be modified for flat towing and why it is preferred over other methods. For RVers who love to go off-road or have lots of stuff to tote around, like bikes or kayaks, it may make sense to bring along a larger vehicle. For others who need a smaller car for quick trips around town or to explore the local area, sedans or even smaller models can provide what you need without adding too much length or weight to your setup. By the end of this article, you will have all the information needed to choose the right vehicle for your next adventure confidently.

What does Flat towing mean

Flat tow refers to towing a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground without using a flatbed or trailer. Not all vehicles can be flat towed, as it may cause damage to the transmission or other components. However, many front-wheel drive, manual transmission vehicles may be flat towed without modification. It is important to conduct initial research and check the owner’s manual of your specific vehicle before attempting to flat tow. Because you don’t need to get your car up onto a tow dolly or trailer, you save a lot of time and hassle. Because the components are far smaller than a dolly or trailer, you don’t need to worry about finding extra space at your campsite.

Criteria of Vehicles Suitable for Flat Towing

When considering vehicles for flat towing, it’s important to keep several criteria in mind. Firstly, check if the vehicle model year is suitable for flat towing. Look for vehicles with a towed car accessory position specifically for flat towing, and ensure that the vehicles have tow bar compatibility. Lastly, make sure the front wheels of the vehicle can turn freely. By following these criteria, you can ensure that you choose a vehicle that is suitable for flat towing without risking damage or safety concerns.

When it comes to flat towing a vehicle, the best way to determine if a vehicle can be towed this way is by referring to the owner’s manual. Generally, cars with rear-wheel drive and manual transmission or four-wheel drive SUVs with manual transfer cases that can be placed in neutral are best suited for flat towing. However, it is important to note that only some model years of the same car may be suitable for flat-towing. With the introduction of automatic transmission cars, the list of vehicles suitable for flat towing has been reduced.

Can Any Vehicle Be Modified for Flat Towing?

While not all vehicles can be easily modified for flat towing, it’s important to research specific vehicle requirements, including the recommended speed limits. Some vehicles may require severe modifications, like manual transmission conversion, for flat towing. Review vehicle-specific information to determine if modifications are possible and seek professional advice. Ensure the modifications comply with your vehicle’s towing capacity limits.

Necessary Modifications for Safe Flat Towing

To ensure safe flat towing, there are several necessary modifications you should consider. One essential modification is installing a base plate on your vehicle. This provides a secure connection point for the tow bar, which is another crucial component for flat towing. Additionally, engaging the transmission lubrication pumps is important to ensure a smooth towing process and prevent any damage to the transmission. Always follow the specific guidelines provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer for flat towing modifications. By implementing these necessary modifications, you can enjoy a worry-free flat towing experience.

Why is Flat Towing Preferred Over Other Towing Methods?

Flat towing is a popular choice due to its simplicity and convenience. It eliminates the need for trailer storage and allows for more efficient use of road space. Moreover, flat towing is often cost-effective and provides better control and steering than towing with a trailer.

Flat towing offers a convenient and efficient method of towing vehicles. However, not all vehicles are suitable for flat towing. It is essential to consider specific criteria, such as the vehicle’s weight, drivetrain, and transmission type, to determine if it can be safely flat towed. Additionally, proper preparation is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure towing experience. This may involve making necessary modifications to the vehicle, such as installing base plates and supplemental braking systems. While flat towing can be a viable option for many vehicles, it is important to consult with professionals and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure safety. Trademasters offers the best accessories to help with all of your recreational towing needs. If you are looking for a user-friendly towing system to tow your vehicle behind your motorhome, we have the solution. Visit us in Chilliwack to get your motorhome ready to tow!