Recreational Towing

At Trademasters, we love to see you get on the road. If you’re planning a road trip and looking for an easy, user-friendly towing system to tow your vehicle behind your motorhome, we have the solution! Learn more about our recommended towing accessories below, then contact Trademasters in Chilliwack to get your motorhome ready to go!


Demco Towing Accessories

The Demco brand has long been associated with strong, durable flat tow accessories, and the Trademasters team is proud to be a licensed Demco dealer.

Demco’s Commander, Dominator, and Excali-Bar II tow bars all offer the following features:

  • Self-supporting
  • Self-aligning
  • Self-leveling
  • Safety mounting cable clips
  • Independent arm movement for easy hookup
  • Integrated rise/drop male receiver tubes
  • Easy-trigger release
  • Adjustable towing angle
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Victory Series tow bars from Demco revolutionize the RV Lifestyle and Experience. Tow your RV where you need to with the right tow bars for the job. Shop today.

With Demco products, you can enjoy a virtually flawless hook up and disconnect. Browse now to set up your baseplate, towbar and braking system.


Blue Ox has a solution for everything you want to tow. From our award-winning tow bars and innovative baseplates to a full line of sway control and weight distributing hitches, towing doesn’t have to be a drag. We create all our products to make towing easier, so you can stay focused on the road ahead and not what’s behind you.

We offer tow bars to meet all our customer’s needs, towing range from range 6,500 to 15,000 lbs and accessories to make hooking up easy. Blue Ox tow bars set the standard in the industry with our premium models featuring 2” longer legs providing more room between the tow vehicle and your flat towed vehicle. Patented non-binding latches quickly disconnect even in the most rugged terrain. Our premium powder coat accents any coach or tow vehicle.

Our baseplates set the standard in the industry with removable tabs that give the clean OEM look when not in use. Our supplemental brake systems offer cutting edge technology and simplicity. We want you to enjoy their travel and flat towing experience.


For the past 50 years, Roadmaster has manufactured superior-quality towing products for the RV aftermarket.

We build tow bars, baseplates, supplemental braking systems, wiring kits and trailer suspensions, among other products.

We are based in the Pacific Northwest and employ 280 people at our three facilities totalling more than 250,000 square feet. We are extremely proud of the great products we create, and that our efforts keep jobs here in America.


If you’re trying to get your towing system set up, then we invite you to come in and discuss your needs with the Trademasters team in Chilliwack! Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right accessories for your towing system, and our full-service installation includes training, test drives, and troubleshooting if you run into issues operating your system.

Ready to get going? Make sure to read up on Canadian towing laws, take a look at our supplemental braking systems, and contact Trademasters today so you can hit the road with confidence tomorrow!


Supplemental braking is becoming more and more common in the RV world, and it’s easy to understand why. The main reason is that, simply put, you’re required by law to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road. Even a small SUV can weigh up to 3,000 pounds, and every pound counts when you need to bring your vehicle to a halt. It’s good to know that the extra weight of the vehicle in tow is not pushing you when you are trying to come to a quick stop, or even a moderate stop.

Every Canadian province and all U.S. states and have recreational towing laws.

At Trademasters, we are proud to be an exclusive Canadian dealer for Air Force One and Stay In Play Duo, SMI’s fabulously simple and easy-to-use braking systems. Read on to learn more about our cutting-edge braking systems, and be sure to get in touch with us for a quote!


The Air Force One, made for air brake applications, is a 100-percent true proportionate brake system, using the same air that is used to apply the coach brakes. This is the only way to get truly proportionate braking. Three of the main benefits include:

  • A simple and reliable system
  • 100-percent true proportionate braking
  • No setup or takedown


Designed for hydraulic brakes, Stay-IN-Play Duo combines the power of air pressure with the gentleness of a vacuum to deliver a fast and powerful self-contained brake system. With no setup or takedown, you can simply turn it on and go! This is a truly unique and cutting-edge fail-safe system. Stay-IN-Play actually has no physical connection to the motorhome, though it does cause the towed car to brake at the same time as your motorhome.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • No false braking
  • One-time setup
  • System automatically works when the towed vehicle is hitched

Truly simple. Truly reliable. Truly affordable. Come to the Trademasters showroom today, we would be happy to discuss with you why SMI is truly the obvious choice when it comes to braking systems.

Why Buy From Trademasters?

  • We know your time is important, so we always work quickly and efficiently
  • We are proud to be licenced dealers of Demco’s superior towing accessories
  • We offer full-service installations including training in the use of the tow system
  • We’ll test drive the system with you to ensure your confidence and comfort
  • We provide free, transparent, clearly written quotes
  • You can follow up with us any time if you experience problems with your system