We install everything we sell!

Pretty self-explanatory. If you buy the parts from Trademasters we’ll install them.

We warranty our work!

We take pride in our work – anything that comes out of our shop has a minimum of two-year workmanship warranty, if not longer.

We have licensed mechanics on staff!

Not many aftermarket installers have a licensed technician on staff. Call our competitors and ask. Trademasters feels that this is extremely important. We understand how important your vehicle and RV are to you. Maybe it’s your way to get to work, maybe it is your work, maybe it’s your escape from the day to day. When there is a licensed mechanic looking out for your vehicle that’s a recipe for a win! 

We make the install look OEM!

You’re not taking your vehicle to your brother-in-law that happens to own a set of wrenches. Trademasters has been around for over 30 years, and we have a reputation of doing exceptional work. Our promise to you is that we will make our work look like it was there when your vehicle rolled off the lot. This means wiring that is loomed, connected properly, and out of the way. Hitches are installed with the right grade bolts. Lifts are torqued and double checked. No corners are cut. You can rest easy knowing that the job was done right!