Whether you’re looking for a Class 1 hitch for your small car or crossover, or a heavy-duty 2.5 inch receiver for hauling behind your truck, you can find the parts you need with help from the Trademasters team. We partner with industry leaders to bring you the best trailer hitches on the market, and our licensed technicians provide full installations. Contact Trademasters to perfect your towing system today!
We’ll help you find and install the perfect receiver hitch for your needs!
  • Bumper-mount hitches
  • Front-mount hitches
  • Rear-mount hitches
  • Multi-fit hitches
  • RV trailer hitches
  • Weld-on hitches


Since the 1990s, the CURT brand name has been associated with world-class towing accessories. They manufacture more than 1,000 different types of trailer hitches in order to meet every towing need, offering the broadest selection of custom-fit receiver hitches for nearly every make and model on the road.

Trademasters is proud to work with CURT to bring their elite selection of towing products to residents of Chilliwack. Our licensed technicians can work with you to find the ideal receiver hitch for your needs, and we offer full-service installations including training in the use of your new towing system. We’ll test drive the system with you to ensure you are confident in your purchase, and you can follow up with us anytime if you run into towing problems!


No wiring? No worries. Ask us about our wiring packages! From full custom wiring installations to simple pin connectors, our team can do it all. We care about keeping you safe on the road, which is why the Trademasters management team hand-selects qualified technicians to provide comprehensive wiring package guidance and services. Gain confidence in the reliability of your system and peace of mind for all your professional or recreational towing needs!


For towing accessories that can handle a heavier load, check out our 5th wheel hitches and weight distributing systems!

No matter where you’re going or what you’re towing, the Trademasters team can make sure you’re well-equipped to be on your way. Contact us to request a free quote or inventory check on our trailer hitches and towing accessories!


Want to haul your bikes behind your RV? At Trademasters, we know that many Chilliwack residents lead active lifestyles, and bike rack installations are just one way we support active living. We install receiver hitches on trailers rated to 3,500 lbs, providing a safe and effective way to take your bikes on the road. We also sell RV-rated bike racks that will help you get your bikes safely to your destination.


Weight distribution hitches are an essential part of keeping your trailer level while you’re towing, providing a more comfortable ride, and enabling safer, smoother steering and braking. Partner with Trademasters to find the perfect weight distribution system for your towing needs, and enjoy superior handling and control to get you where you need to go!


  • You’re hauling a trailer that’s 3,000 pounds or heavier
  • Your gross trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight (GVW)
  • You have experienced trailer sway while towing
  • Your tow vehicle’s headlights tilt upwards, making it difficult to see the road
  • You find it challenging to steer or stop suddenly
  • You can see a dip or sag where your trailer connects to your tow vehicle
  • You want to tow the highest capacity allowed with your trailer hitch
What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch?
Weight distribution systems are designed to “balance out” your towing system. They work by taking the tongue weight of the trailer off of the connection point and re-distributing it across the trailer axles and front axle of the towing vehicle. This enables a much smoother, more stable ride with superior steering and braking control, especially over dips and rougher roads.

For some RV travel trailers, weight distribution hitches are a legal requirement. No matter the laws, if you’re hauling a trailer 3,000 pounds or heavier, or are close to the maximum towing capacity allowed by your trailer hitch — you need a weight distribution system to stay safe on the road.


If you’re a towing veteran, you know how quickly trailer sway can get out of hand. The “tail wagging the dog” phenomenon is an incredibly dangerous situation that can quickly turn into a wreck, and it’s often caused by poor weight distribution.

To minimize your risk of trailer sway, equip your tow system with a reliable weight distributing system. At the very least, we recommend investing in an appropriate weight distribution hitch in combination with an anti-sway system and suspension helpers.


Not sure where to start? The Trademasters team is here to help! We’re experts in industry-leading towing accessories, and our licensed technicians can assess your towing needs to recommend the perfect system for you.

We’ll walk you through your options of the best towing products on the market, and we provide full-service installations on all weight distribution systems. When you pull out of the Trademasters parking lot in Chilliwack, you can feel confident that you’ve got a reliable towing system to get you safely down the road!

Contact us today to learn more about our weight distribution hitches, schedule an appointment in Chilliwack, or to request a free quote or inventory check.