Roof Racks

Roof Racks, Truck Racks and Accessories to Hold Your Stuff

No matter which type of vehicle you buy, there never seems to be enough room to carry all your things.

Even if you own a half-ton truck or a cargo van, hauling around that giant ladder for cleaning out the rain gutters can be a tricky feat.

Fortunately, our store in Chilliwack sells and installs a variety of the best roof racks, truck racks and carrying solutions for life in B.C.

Contractors, active families, and anyone else in the Fraser Valley who depends on their vehicle for transporting bulky gear will benefit from our inventory.

Here are some of the brands we carry in Chilliwack that will make your life easier.

Rhino-Rack and Thule Roof Racks for Your Travel Adventures

If it’s roof racks you’re after, Rhino-Rack is a solid choice. Thule roof racks are another dependable brand we carry. Our store in Chilliwack carries all the top brands. If you’re going to attach a product onto the roof of your car while speeding down the highway, you want to make sure you’ve made a good decision.

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out the weight of what you want to load onto the racks and the load rating of your roof (this can be found in your owner’s manual). Knowing this will determine the type of load bars you need. Rhino-Rack and Thule offer different styles depending on the weight and type of cargo you’ll be carrying.

Rhino-Rack has multiple roof rack systems. The most common can be easily clipped onto the roof of your vehicle and are ideal for supporting accessories like bike racks, fishing rod holders, roof boxes, baskets for luggage and more.

For select vehicles you can employ Rhino-Rack’s Back Bone system which is a higher rated system for carrying loads like roof top tents and platforms for off-road gear.

Both companies excel at catering to a wide range of customers. Their products cover the needs of everyone from the most casual weekend warrior to the most hardcore off-roader.

Need help with installation? Our team in Chilliwack is ready to help!

Intelligent Cargo Management

Living in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley is great. One weekend you’re going paddle boarding on the ocean, then before you know it, you’re thinking about loading up the winter skis.
Everything you want is within driving distance.

If bringing along a secondary mode of transportation is your thing, Trademasters in Chilliwack sells a wide selection of bike racks, roof rack kayak holders and ski/snowboard holders that will get you where you need to go.

As one of the leading names in bike racks, Swagman provides a rack for any kind of bike you have, whether it’s an E-Bike, carbon fiber frame, or aluminum body hybrid. Trademasters can supply you with the right bike rack for your needs (no matter how many bikes you’re carrying).

Not surprisingly, space is a common problem when traveling from home to campsite or overnight lodge. Oftentimes extra covered storage is needed especially with an increase in small car and suv purchases to save money on gas. In this case, Trademasters in Chilliwack recommends a rooftop box or rooftop carrier, these can add significant usable, waterproof space to any vehicle while still being able to save gas.

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Safe Travels for Your Truck, Your Haul, and You

Depending on your cargo, you may not even need a roof rack.

A headache rack is a truck rack positioned directly behind your cab’s back window. It protects the driver, passengers and the truck cab when carrying items that could shift forward or that need to lean over your cab.

Trademasters in Chilliwack installs all kinds of handy solutions.

Extend the usefulness of your headache rack by adding a rear rack as well, this way it can be used for ladders or lumber along with keeping you safe.

A product like the Westcan Headache Rack has a number of benefits:

  • Large cargo rests on it securely
  • Bulky cargo can be tied down to the reinforced steel using ratchet straps, rope, etc.
  • Light kits and antenna mounts are easily attached
  • Works seamlessly with other accessories (rear bars, tonneau covers)
  • Easily added rail caps can increase bed protection and usefulness

Aluminum racks offer a rugged durability that won’t add unnecessary weight to your truck and the best part is they will never rust.

Westcan Manufacturing offers a sturdy line of aluminum cab guards, rail caps, and rear racks for securing oversized loads in the truck bed. Their products enhance road safety and prevent unnecessary damage to the back of your vehicle. The majority of their cargo management accessories allow for no-drill installations.

Choose Trademasters in Chilliwack and Save the Stress

Why should you shop at Trademasters in Chilliwack for roof racks and cargo carriers? Because the next time you mount your bikes, skis, or kayaks to the top of your vehicle, you want to have that extra confidence knowing that your rack is correctly installed when you’re on the road.

Because we sell and install solutions from some of the best brands. Our selection of new cargo carriers and truck racks in Chilliwack is tough to beat. Whether you own a car, van, jeep, or truck, Trademasters carries new products for your cargo.

Plan a visit to Trademasters’ Chilliwack location. We offer the largest selection of accessories and add-ons for all types of vehicles.

Let us find the product that’s a perfect fit for you.