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Find your escape with Trademasters’ line of rooftop tents. Overland Vehicle Systems is a brand partnership we are very happy to have. The tents they build are tried and tested by the staff here at our shop in Chilliwack. Whatever you put this tent through we’ve probably done it, or worse. They always come out unscathed on the other side!


We have three sizes of the Nomadic line of rooftop tents. All these tents are the same height and length when they’re open. Only the width changes.

The Nomadic series of tents also have an annex option that can be purchased separately. This is highly recommended by our staff as it increases camping space and privacy. The annex surrounds the exit area of the tent and comes with a heavy-duty floor that can be zipped on and off for easy cleaning.


Another great idea when overlanding and vehicle camping is some form of awning. Let’s be honest, in BC you never know what kind of weather you’re going to run into. Not to mention that if we decide to camp in any season besides our three months of summer, we need some form of shelter. Here at Trademasters we don’t let a little bit of rain or cold stop us which is why we offer a line of awnings with a range of coverage.

Stop by Trademasters in Chilliwack to learn more.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Roof Top Tent in Canada

You may have heard that rooftop tents are the hottest trend in camping, especially for people who are into overlanding.

If you’re not familiar, overlanding combines elements of off-roading and camping. It’s a lifestyle that’s more about the journey than arriving at your final destination. The overlanding community loves exploring Canada in its natural beauty and taking in all the sights and experiences along the way.

Now you don’t have to haul your tent out of your vehicle to set up your campsite. With a bit of help from Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack, you can have your tent as an extension of your ride. A new rooftop tent will make your next travel adventures even more enjoyable.

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Trademasters Sells & Installs Roof Racks for Overland RoofTop Tents

Your friends at Trademasters are all about getting outside for an outdoor adventure. Our job is to make sure you can do it comfortably. We specialize in delivering new products and technical installations that will enhance your life on the open road.

Our roof top tent installations in Chilliwack can help transform your vehicle into your very own park-it-anywhere motel.

You Don’t Need to Buy or Rent an RV

Van camping, and RV camping, are great ways to travel; however, for people who don’t own a suitable van or a recreational vehicle, a roof top tent provides a more affordable option.

You don’t have to be into “glamping” (glamorous camping) to appreciate a little elevated luxury. Rooftop tents make an appealing option for experienced and non-experienced campers alike. A visit to our Chilliwack location will open your eyes to the possibilities most rooftop tents provide.

In a Word… FREEDOM!

If you want the freedom to explore off the beaten path while still retaining the comfort and security of a recreational vehicle, then a rooftop tent may be the solution for you. It’s an affordable way to travel. You get a camping experience that goes beyond backpacking without the financial commitment of buying a teardrop camper trailer.

Life’s an Adventure… Have Some Fun

There’s something very joyful about the idea of camping with a rooftop tent. It’s like owning a mobile treehouse. Your kids will love it, and so will your inner child.

You like to bike. You want to explore. Who can blame you! Ask us about the different awnings available to make your mobile fort even more functional. Your next adventure awaits. It starts with a visit to Trademasters in Chilliwack.

RoofTop Tents Will Help You Stand Out

Although gaining popularity amongst today’s modern campers, rooftop tents are still unique enough to pique people’s curiosity should you ever decide to visit a conventional campsite. Rooftop tents are a conversation starter amongst like-minded travellers. By installing a new rooftop tent, you’ll be joining a community of people with a shared wanderlust. Don’t get just any tent, make it a rooftop tent.

Perfect for the Nomadic Lifestyle or your next camping adventure

Now, you can transform your vehicle into your own personal hotel. Roof top tents allow you to prop up your own portable campsite on top of your car for an instant waterproof shelter. And the best part is, you’ll have your sleeping gear all ready to go inside. Contact us today. Our team in Chilliwack can walk you through all the features and steps involved in adding a new bed rack to your car. Having a tent roof overhead is a comfort.

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Better Than Your Average Tent body and tent shell

Of course, your level of enjoyment while camping depends on the quality of equipment you have, which is why Trademasters in Chilliwack has partnered with Overland Vehicle Systems, a respected supplier of high-quality off-roading equipment.

About Overland Vehicle Systems

Overland Vehicle Systems is an American company that specializes in awnings, bed racks, camping gear, and innovative lightweight rooftop tents. Their Nomadic line of extendable rooftop tents come highly rated. And we’re happy to attest to the durability, functionality, and ease of use of their tents. You’ll be well protected from the elements as you explore the country.

Roof Top Tents are Really Comfortable

Anyone who has done their fair share of camping knows that getting a good night’s sleep in a tent can be tricky when the ground is cold, lumpy, and wet. When you’re off the ground in a sturdy roof top tent, you’ll undoubtedly stay warmer and dry after the sun goes down.

And when you’re ready to move on to the next site, you can leave the bedding and pillows inside the tent for added convenience. Visit Trademasters in Chilliwack, and you can get a bed rack, roof rack, cargo box, tent and mattress all rolled into one convenient package.

Contact Tradesmasters in Chilliwack for a quote today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Roof Top Tents Cut Down on Your Packing

Conventional ground-level tents on the ground aren’t ideal for comfort unless you bring along an air mattress. Unfortunately, if you forgot to pack your air pump, you could be in for a long night! Every little rock, twig, and lump underneath your sleeping bag becomes a major distraction without the proper support.

A good rooftop tent will literally elevate your outdoor experience by keeping you off the ground as you rest. Rugged, bumpy terrain is no longer a big deal.

A Roof Top Tent Feels More Like a Bed

And thanks to Overland Vehicle Systems’ high-quality materials and insulated base, you’ll always have a flat, dry place to lie down. You may be situated on top of your vehicle, but you’ll never feel like a piece of luggage. Trademasters ensures a secure installation for your safety and protection at our Chilliwack location. You’ll be amazed at how well it all comes together.

Roof Top Tents Offer Plenty of Space

Thanks to Overland’s extendable, expandable Nomadic line of rooftop tents, you’ll always have enough room to stretch out. Whether you’re a single camper or a family of four, finding a comfy position won’t be an issue.
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Roof Top Tents Have a Mattress Built-in

The roof top tents installed by Trademasters include a 3″ hypoallergenic memory foam mattress, which saves you from having to bring along extra blankets and padding. Why sleep on a mat when you can have a bed. After a long hike or bike ride, you’ll appreciate having a cozy place to settle down for a refreshing nap.

The Cleanliness Factor

The minute you place your old tent down on the ground, it’s going to get dirty. And as careful as you may be about removing your shoes, it’s next to impossible to keep sand, dirt, and mud from getting tracked inside. Rooftop tents reduce the chances of unwanted debris by using a sturdy attached ladder for entry. Entering from below provides a much cleaner alternative with less upkeep.

If you love to camp, our staff in Chilliwack can help select the best model for your requirements.

You’re Safer from Wild Animals and Pests

Rooftop tents also offer some additional peace of mind when it comes to the wildlife. Sleeping high above the ground in a mounted tent reduces your chances of encountering any little ground-dwelling critters that may sneak into your tent while you’re out.

Enjoy an Epic View

No matter how you choose to connect with nature, being outdoors is about enjoying the scenery. Any time your perspective is elevated, you’re guaranteed a better view. Trust us, that vantage from 8 feet up really makes a difference!

Campground Reservations? Who Needs Them!

The best part of adopting an overlanding lifestyle is that you don’t have to stress about booking your trips months ahead, even when everyone else is scrambling for the best spot. With a rooftop tent installed on your vehicle, your camping options remain endless.

The Best rooftop tents are Surprisingly Easy to Set Up

When it comes to rooftop tents, you have different options to choose from. A quick view online reveals all kinds of soft shell and hard shell roof systems. Trademasters in Chilliwack carries models designed for simple setup, dismantling, and stowing away. Why sleep inside your car or truck when you can relax on top!

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Great for Winter

Of course, the rooftop tents we sell in Chilliwack aren’t just for summers. They are constructed of the finest materials for use in all four seasons. This camping tent style is perfect for people who like to cross country ski or play in the snow.

Options for Extra Coverage

People in British Columbia should always expect rain. So, if you want a little more cover, we also supply heavy-duty awnings that connect to your vehicle. In fact, there’s no shortage of accessories you can add to make the most of your next overlanding adventures. All the extra gear you need for the ultimate sleeping space/best rooftop tent setup is right here in Chilliwack.

We can set you up with an annex room for more functional space, privacy, and protection when the weather turns lousy.

The Last Word

Are rooftop tents an option you hadn’t considered? Still not sure if you like the idea of sleeping on top of your SUV? There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rethink the way you’ve been camping. Maybe it’s time to explore the great outdoors off the ground.

Give Trademasters in Chilliwack a call for a free estimate on setting up your vehicle with a practical camping system that will provide you with years of dependable use.

We’re Chilliwack’s choice for RV equipment, installation, servicing, and advice.

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