Trusted RV Repair Services for Outdoor Enthusiasts in Abbotsford, BC

Outdoor adventurers across the Fraser Valley appreciate Trademasters for our impressive range of truck accessories (lift kits, rooftop tents) and fleet upfitting capabilities.

RV owners in Abbotsford, BC, have also trusted Trademasters in Chilliwack as their go-to location for RV repairs for over 30 years!

From RV brake and bearing service to comprehensive leak testing, we protect the resale value of your vehicle and ensure your RV is always ready for its next road trip.

Leak Testing

Discovering a water leak during your first rainstorm of the season is a surefire way to ruin a vacation. This is why we recommend comprehensive leak testing at least once a year.

Trademasters employs Sealtech RV pressure testing technology to protect your property from top to bottom. Our team will document any leak spots and correct any issues for added peace of mind in all kinds of weather.

Battery Service

Maintaining the battery of your RV is essential for a smooth and uninterrupted RV adventure.

It’s crucial to load-test your batteries regularly to ensure they’re holding a charge. You’ll want to clean and service the terminals to prevent corrosion buildup. Trademaster will top up your fluid levels with distilled water to keep your battery functioning at its best. Applying dielectric grease will also help in preserving the life of your battery.

Are you needing a battery power conversion? Our team can handle that, too!


If you stay in BC during the winter, our winterizing services ensure your RV is protected during the coldest months. Our winterizing includes:

  • Blowing out water lines and filling them with RV antifreeze where necessary
  • Draining and bypassing the hot water tank
  • Filling the taps, faucets, showers, P-Traps, and city water intake with antifreeze
  • Draining the fresh water tank

Was there anything else you needed us to look at? We’ll take care of everything from the dishwasher to the grey water tank upon request.


As the cold temperatures outside disappear, it’s time for RV owners in Abbotsford to de-winterize their vehicles. Trademasters ensures a thorough job. Our services include:

  • Flushing all antifreeze out of the freshwater system
  • Turning off the bypass
  • Filling the hot water tank
  • Flushing the taps and faucets with fresh water
  • Filling the fresh water tank

We also visually inspect the roof sealant of your RV for added assurance.

Roof Replacement & Resealing
Maintaining your RV’s roof is vital for its longevity. Regular inspections by qualified professionals can prevent minor issues from becoming expensive repairs. Our certified technicians are experts in resealing and replacing RV roofs when needed.

We are approved by major insurance companies like ICBC and have trailer parts available to shorten your wait times.

Awning Installations, Repairs, & Replacements
Are you considering the addition of a new awning or an upgrade to your current awning system? We can’t blame you. A good awning is one of those essential items that will enhance your enjoyment during the finest RV weather. We can easily create the perfect patio setting for you with our fixed, automatic, or slide-out awning options.

When it comes to awning repairs and replacement, our RV repair service is second to none. Our certified technicians provide expert solutions to improve your RV’s look and functionality.

Tent Trailer Lift System Problems
One of the most common issues we see concerns the lift cables, which become worn or damaged over time. This can cause the lift system to become more challenging to operate or to stop working altogether. Another common problem is with the lift motor, which can fail due to wear and tear or electrical issues. Trademasters has the experience to diagnose and remedy any concerns you may have.
Slide-Out Repairs
Problems can arise with slide-outs when dirt, debris, or rust is allowed to accumulate. This can lead to the slide-out becoming stuck or not operating smoothly. Improper lubrication, extreme temperatures, burnt-out motors, foreign objects, and leaks can all wreak havoc with your RV. When the fix demands more than a can of WD-40, Trademasters’ skilled mechanics are happy to tackle the repair.
Appliance Service & Repair
Trademasters offers comprehensive repair services for all types of RV appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and stoves. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to diagnose and fix all kinds of mechanical issues. From minor repairs to major overhauls, Trademasters does it all.
Hot Water Tank Service & Repair
One common problem with RV hot water tanks is excess sediment. Over time, minerals and other debris can build up in the tank, causing it to heat less efficiently. Another issue RV owners face is a malfunctioning heating element, which can prevent the tank from heating up at all.

Proper hot water tank service is a crucial part of RV maintenance. Neglecting it can lead to inconvenience, reduced efficiency, and even water tank failure. Our RV repair service provides expert hot water tank servicing that prevents leaks from damaging the inside of your vehicle.

Gas Testing & Recertification Services
Safety is paramount when operating the propane and gas systems inside your RV. Our certified technicians specialize in gas testing and recertification services, ensuring your RV’s propane system meets the highest safety standards.
Hydraulic Jacks
The last thing you need while traveling in your RV are hydraulic jacks that won’t lower or retract properly. Whether it’s a blown fuse or an issue with the hydraulic fluid, the RV specialists at Trademasters know how to repair your leveling system.
Furnace Service
Blocked intake valves, a lousy ignitor, or a blown fuse can impact your comfort on a chilly day. Keeping your RV’s furnace in peak condition is essential for your comfort. If your furnace is nearing the 10-year mark or is starting to make strange noises, you may require a new unit. When in doubt, get it into Trademasters for a checkup.
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