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Expert RV Repairs Near Hope

Trademasters has a well-earned reputation for being the place to go for parts and accessories for motorists who love the outdoor lifestyle (including hitches, lift kits, and roof racks). But we’re also the place for regularly scheduled RV maintenance and advice.

British Columbians want reliable, efficient, and customer-focused service for their RV repairs. Trademasters in Chilliwack has been providing trusted RV repair services for customers in Hope and across the Fraser Valley for over three decades!

With a wide range of repair services and RV parts available for upgrades, you can trust us to get your RV back on the road in tip-top shape. Our RV repair services include:

Leak Testing for Damage Prevention

Weakened caulking and structural damage are serious concerns for RV owners across Canada. Even the slightest breach can lead to costly water damage and hefty insurance claims. Trademasters performs Sealtech testing to take the guesswork out of our visual inspections.

Our process involves pumping your RV full of air and spraying the exterior with a solution that bubbles noticeably where air leaks are present. Identifying problems and rectifying them before they worsen is our top priority.

Winterizing/De-Winterizing Your RV
It’s important to properly winterize your RV to protect your lines from freezing temperatures. Our certified RV technicians are here to save you time and worry. Our winterizing and de-winterizing process ensures that your RV’s water lines and appliances remain in optimal condition for the long haul.
Brake and Bearing Service Essentials
The brakes and bearings of your RV play a crucial role in its safety and driving performance. Screeching sounds or irregular handling shouldn’t be ignored. Trademasters recommends annual brake and bearing service for added confidence throughout the year.

Our comprehensive inspection services include checking your brake pads, wheels, and bearings for wear and tear and making the necessary adjustments. We’ll examine the trailer frame and suspension for cracks or loose components and replace the seal. We’ll also test all lights and the breakaway switch. We handle repairs for single, double, and triple-axle trailers.

New RV Roofs and Repairs
A well-maintained RV roof is crucial for defending your mobile home against the elements. No matter how careful you are, your RV’s roof is constantly subject to damage.

Unfortunately, not all repairs are DIY jobs. If you’re unsure of the most suitable fix for your RV’s roof material, a quick visit to Trademasters in Chilliwack will put your mind at ease. We’re happy to suggest the best cost-saving options for you.

We deal in repairing damage to rubber, aluminum, and fibreglass roofs. Whether the job calls for patching a puncture or resealing the joints, Trademasters has a solution. If the damage requires a total roof replacement, we offer honest estimates and fair pricing.

Fixing Your RV Appliances/Hot Water Tanks
RV appliances add convenience and comfort to your travels, but only if they’re in working order. Common problems with appliances include: 

  • Power issues with air conditioning units
  • Damaged cooling coils in refrigerators
  • Faulty gas lines for RV stoves and ovens
  • No water for your ice maker
  • A bad gasket or wiring in your furnace
  • The anode rod for your hot water tank needs a replacement

Our certified technicians specialize in modernizing RVs with qualified electrical, plumbing, or mechanical repairs for appliances inside your mobile home.

Enhancing Comfort with Slide-Out Repairs
Slide-out trailers are desirable for the amount of extra living space they provide. However, they are a major hindrance when they don’t function as they should. Trademasters can remedy all types of problems, including:

  • Switch failures
  • Power supply issues
  • Non-responsive pumps or motors
  • Hydraulic fluid leaks

There’s never a good time for your slide-out to fail, which is why annual service inspections are recommended. They ensure everything is aligned correctly and ready for your next trip.

RV Repair Services and Upgrades Near Hope

When you require RV repairs near Hope, BC, the team at Trademasters in Chilliwack welcomes your questions. We’re here to ensure your RV runs great, looks sharp, and has all the gear to make your travels more enjoyable.

Let us integrate the most desirable accessories into your truck or RV. Trademasters only supplies and installs brands we believe in.

Whether we’re flipping the axles on your trailer for greater height or testing your battery, we guarantee our work for your complete satisfaction.

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Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial for the performance and longevity of your RV. If something isn’t right with your RV, Trademasters in Chilliwack is happy to be of service.

Customers from Hope, Abbotsford, and Greater Vancouver have been relying on our friendly customer service and RV repair knowledge for years!

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