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RV Repairs and Upgrades for Safe Travel

Trademasters in Chilliwack offers the accessories and installation expertise to ensure your trailer, truck, or motorhome is in top condition and suitably outfitted for your travels. We’ve been serving the needs of recreational motorists in Mission and across the Fraser Valley for over 30 years!

Whether installing a new hot water tank or diagnosing an RV furnace that’s on the fritz, Trademasters is dedicated to the upkeep and comfort of your home on wheels.

Winterizing Your RV
Professional winterizing is crucial to shield your RV from cold weather damage as the temperatures drop outside. Trademasters will protect you by blowing out your water lines and using antifreeze where necessary. We’ll bypass your hot water tank, and ensure your plumbing is adequately drained.

No matter whether you own a class A motorhome equipped with various washing appliances or something a little more modest, our team knows how to keep your internal components safe throughout the winter.

Getting Ready for the Spring
With winter in the rearview mirror, booking Trademasters’ de-winterizing services saves you time. We understand the nuances of flushing out your RV’s lines for safe, fresh-tasting water.

In addition to your water system, we will thoroughly inspect your trailer or RV from top to bottom, inside and out, for greater peace of mind.

RV Battery Upkeep

The batteries you depend on during your travels require regular charging and upkeep to prevent them from losing capacity while not in use. Trademasters makes sure your batteries are topped up and serviced for optimum performance throughout the year. We want your next adventure to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Proactive Leak Testing

Sealtech leak testing ensures a watertight and secure RV. Trademasters utilize specialized air-pressurizing equipment to determine the exact location of any faults that could allow rain to enter your unit. Our team won’t just tell you where the problem is; we can repair any issues we find directly at the source.

It’s recommended that any RV, trailer, or camper over two years old undergo annual leak testing.

Resealing Services

Not all damage to your recreational vehicle is easy to see. This makes protecting the roof and siding of your RV so critical. Rain, wind, UV rays, and other debris will negatively affect those exterior surfaces. Professional roof resealing by Trademasters safeguards your property against water intrusion and costly repairs.

Poor techniques or the wrong choice of product can lead to disastrous results. When in doubt, bring your rig into Trademasters for qualified servicing.

Brake and Bearing Service

Never ignore the performance of your RV’s brakes. Our expert maintenance guarantees a safe and responsive braking system. 

We provide:

  • Inspection of the wheels, suspension, and trailer frame 
  • Testing of the brakes, breakaway switch, and lights
  • Repacking and lubrication of your bearings and more

Trademasters recommends RV repair testing and servicing at least once a year to prevent mid trip travel breakdowns that can ruin your vacation.

Gas Recertification
Did you purchase your RV outside the province? Does your vehicle’s propane system comply with Technical Safety BC (or BC Safety Authority) standards? A propane system safety inspection conducted by one of our certified technicians will verify that your equipment is safe and in full compliance with all the rules.
Slide-Out Servicing & Damaged Awnings
Trademasters’ professional RV service encompasses comprehensive slide-out and awning repairs. Over time, ripped fabric, damaged mechanics, broken arms, or missing remotes can detract from your awning’s appeal. If Trademasters’ certified RV technicians can’t fix the problem, we can offer a replacement solution you’re sure to love.

Slide-outs are an excellent feature to have, but the electric motors or hydraulics may start to fail over time. If your rack and pinion or pulley and cable system is giving you grief, our team can help.

Axle Flips, Truck Gear, and More!

Trademasters won’t just fix your RV, we customize all kinds of vehicles to complement your travel lifestyle. Our truck accessories include everything from bike racks to lift kits!

Improving ground clearance, upgrading the suspension system, and enhancing handling and stability for off-road exploration are the key benefits of our axle flips and subframe lifts. With our upgrades, you can confidently navigate various terrains.

From our load levelling gear to the solar panels we sell, our product selection and installation services are tough to beat.

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Ensuring Your Confidence and Preparedness on the Road

We are the go-to choice for RV owners needing qualified inspections, parts, installations, and repairs from Mission to Vancouver! We handle insurance claims and RV maintenance competently to limit your stress.

At Trademasters, excellent customer service and a job well done remain our top priorities. Call anytime during business hours or visit our website’s contact form to book an appointment.