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RV Road Trips in British Columbia

Summertime in British Columbia means camping and exploring. With beautiful mountainscapes, the ocean, and luscious greenery, what better way to travel to see it all than in your RV!

To make sure your travel plans run smoothly, it’s key to have your RV in tip-top shape. When your home is on wheels, there’s no doubt that you want to make sure everything is working properly.

Many British Columbian residents like to travel across the province to visit Vancouver Island, the Okanagan Valley, and the Rocky Mountains. In between all the cities along the way, there are various mountain passes, desert-like plains, and areas with no cell service. Luckily there are a few RV repair shops along the way, so you can keep enjoying your trip.

RV Repair

When getting ready for your RV travel plans, if you didn’t winterize your RV last season, it may need a little TLC before setting out into the wilderness. Winter weather can cause materials to get brittle and break. Stock RV parts can wear out and may need to be replaced. Take your RV to an RV repair shop to have it assessed for safety and durability. RV repair shops will provide you with great service and the necessary RV parts and RV maintenance to get you quickly on the road.

RV repair professionals know that peace of mind is the ultimate stress reliever for their customers, so they ensure your RV’s safety and functionality before you start your travels or camping trip.

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RV Repair Shop Services:

  • Brake and bearing service
  • Roof and rot repair work
  • Solar panels and battery service
  • RV winterizing

RV Repairs and Upgrades

Brakes and Bearings

Some RV owners tend to neglect their brake and bearing systems. This is something that is easily forgotten and the largest factor in costly breakdowns. RV repair shops will inspect this using a 30-point axle inspection policy to keep you and everyone else on the road safe. This also includes inspecting wheels and hubs, cleaning the bearings, load testing the battery and lights, and adjusting the brakes.

Water Damage Repair

Over time, the exterior of your RV can be victim to water damage, ending up in a rotting ceiling or side panels. RV roof repair services are a great way to maintain your RVs longevity. These services include resealing seams, vents, doors, and corners of your RV to prevent any more potential water leaks. When assessing leaks, repair professionals will also thoroughly check your electrical system to make sure there are no potential hazards. At times, leaks can damage the interior of your RV, which can also be repaired with quality materials that match your interior design preferences.

Battery and Power Upgrade

To truly go off-grid, you need to upgrade your battery and power system to solar panels. Solar panel power lets you take your RV anywhere and not be confined to a powered site. You can still use your fridge, lights, appliances, and other powered devices. Not only are you helping the earth by going green, but it’s cost-efficient and easy to maintain. No need to pack extra battery packs with the right solar panel system.

Clearance Upgrade

If your RV needs more clearance, RV shops can provide upgrades by installing things like an axle flip or a subframe lift. These mechanisms allow for more clearance when hauling a 5th wheel or bumper pull.
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Quality RV service is hard to find, but not in the Fraser Valley. The Trademasters’ Chilliwack location is conveniently located on Yale Road, just off the Trans Canada Highway, and is open Monday to Friday. Trademasters offers full RV service and repairs for your RV’s roof, awning, appliances, hot water tanks, gas/furnace systems, hydraulic jacks, and more.

If you’re getting ready for your next RV trip please call Trademasters to make an appointment with our professional service technicians. A quality travel trip starts with a quality inspection.