RV Maintenance & Repair

After spending several years in the industry, we know that people often neglect the brake and bearing system of their RVs, leading to costly breakdowns. We have a 30-point axle inspection policy to keep you and other drivers safe, which includes inspecting wheels and hubs, cleaning the bearings, load testing the battery and lights, and adjusting the brakes. Our RV repair crew in Chilliwack won’t leave you waiting long.

When your truck sits too high for your 5th wheel, or your RV needs a bit more clearance, consider an axle flip. Axle flips are known to be able to give an RV four to five inches of lift by moving the suspension from being underslung on the axle to being overslung. This is a cost effective, safe way to get some extra clearance when hauling a 5th wheel or bumper pull.

If that’s not enough consider a subframe lift. A subframe lift adds steel tubing to the underside of the frame rails giving additional lift when an axle flip isn’t enough.

Our Chilliwack RV service team will reseal the roof seams, vents, doors, and corners of your vehicle to prevent water leaks. We conduct a thorough electrical system check and help with your insurance claims as part of our roof and rot repair services. Moreover, we are proficient in dealing with accidental damage repairs and customizing the interior according to your requirements.

No matter what is broken or worn out on your trailer we are here to fix it. From heaters, to propane systems to exterior damage, we’ve been helping RV lovers in the Fraser Valley for years.

Winterizing $145
Standard Winterization

  • Hot and cold water lines filled with RV antifreeze
  • Hot water tank drained and bypassed
  • Taps, faucets, showers, P-Traps and city water intake filled with antifreeze
  • Fresh water tank drained


  • Class A motorhomes $50
  • Clothes washer $35
  • Dishwasher $35
  • Filter $35
  • Ice maker $35
  • Dump black and/or grey water tank $50
De-Winterizing $145
Standard De-Winterization

  • Flush all antifreeze out of fresh water system
  • Turn off bypass and fill hot water tank
  • Taps, faucets, flushed with fresh water
  • Fresh water tank filled
  • Visual inspection of roof sealant


  • Class A Motorhomes $50
  • Clothes Washer $35
  • Dishwasher $35
  • Filter $35
  • Ice maker $35

Add On Deals

Leak Test with Sealtech $295
Top to Bottom Leak Test

  • Pressurize Unit
  • Perform certified seal test
  • Document leak spots
  • Inspect roof and roof sealant
  • Provide detailed repair quote
Brake and Bearing Service

Single Axle $295 (replacement seals included)
Double Axle $395 (replacement seals included)
Triple Axle $695 (replacement seals included)

  • Inspect wheels
  • Clean and inspect bearings
  • Repack bearings
  • Inspect brakes for wear and heat cracking
  • Adjust brakes for optimal performance
  • Test breakaway switch
  • Inspect trailer frame for cracks
  • Inspect suspension for loose components and wear
  • Test all lights
  • Provide detailed repair quote
Battery Service $72.50

Standard Battery Test (includes two batteries +$10 per additional battery)

  • Load test batteries
  • Clean & service terminals
  • Add dielectric grease
  • Check fluid levels and top up as needed


  • Roof Replace & Reseal
  • Awning Repairs & Replacement
  • Structural Repairs
  • Tent Trailer Lift System Repairs
  • Slide Out Repairs
  • Appliance Service & Repair
  • Hot Water Tank Service & Repair
  • Gas Testing & Recertification
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Furnace Service



  • Solar Upgrades
  • Interior Renovations
  • Awning Addition or Upgrade
  • LED Lighting Interior/Exterior
  • 6 Volt Battery Conversion
  • Lithium Battery Conversion

Relax at your favourite camping spot or explore the road less travelled. Go prepared! Go with confidence!

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We Do All RV Upgrades and Repair. Call or email if you need a quote on anything to do with RV Maintenance, Repair or Upgrades!

What Makes Us Different

We are the go-to option for campers since we possess all the accessories and appliances to upgrade RVs at our Chilliwack shop. Our certified RV Technicians take the utmost pride in their quality of work and clear communication. This means that when you choose us to help you fix your RV it will be done right.

Thanks to our tie-up with fifth wheel hauling brands, we also fulfill peoples’ towing needs. We offer a transparent and competitive pricing policy, comprising full-service installations and wiring packages, among other things.


Not to toot our horn, but we have several years of experience helping people in Canada with reliable RV services. Our shop in Chilliwack, BC, is well-known to RV owners throughout the Fraser Valley.

Give us a call during business hours to get a free quote, and we will tell you all about repairing options to get your RV back on the road. You can also use the contact form on our website to send a message, and we will get back to about hitching fifth wheels, installations, or anything else you need help with.

If an RV needs maintenance, leave it to us, and you’ll be back driving on scenic routes in no time! Visit us in Chilliwack today!