The Perfect Gear for Tradesmen

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Parts, RV Life | 0 comments

When you work in the trades, you spend more time in your truck than you do in an office. An organized work truck can save you tons of time giving you easy access to whatever you need to get the job done. The right accessories can also make sure that your truck is outfitted ergonomically, which means you put less strain on your body while carrying out certain tasks or accessing heavier tools to make your everyday routine a whole lot easier.

Read on for our top picks for the gear all tradespeople should own. 

A headache rack is a truck rack positioned directly behind your cab’s back window. It protects the driver, passengers and the truck cab when carrying items that could shift forward or that need to lean over your cab. The rack is perfect for large and bulky cargo that can be tied down to the reinforced steel using ratchet straps, rope, etc. You can also attach light kits or antenna mounts to it easily. With no drill installations, you can increase your truck’s capacity and road safety easily. Aluminum racks offer a rugged durability that won’t add unnecessary weight to your truck and the best part is they will never rust.

Adding a rear rack to your vehicle can extend its usefulness to carry ladders or lumber without compromising on internal storage.

If you won’t be hauling bulky cargo but need some added waterproof storage space, we recommend either the Rhino-Rack or the Thule Roof Rack. Rhino-Rack and Thule offer different styles depending on the weight and type of cargo you’ll be carrying. Rhino-Rack has multiple roof rack systems. The most common can be easily clipped onto the roof of your vehicle.

You want your vehicle to be protected as much as possible from scratches and damage, especially with the kind of work you do. LineX Bedliners offer the protection your truck bed needs. Tough and durable these spray-on bedliners offer the protective coating your van needs. Unlike drop in liners, a huge advantage offered by LineX Bedliners is that you won’t lose anything in the gap between the liner and your truck bed. You can also customise the colour, texture and thickness for a wide variety of speciality automotive applications.

You need to be able to fire up your tools whenever you need them. There’s nothing worse than landing up at a job site to find there’s no easy access to the right kind of power point. Solar power systems, like the Solar Extreme Charging System, produce enough power to run up to 3000 watts of appliances or electronics at a time so you can use your drill machines, saws, and other equipment when you need to. 

Trademasters sells and installs solutions from some of the best brands because we understand that your vehicle and you need high-quality gear to deliver the kind of service you do. To upgrade your vehicle in BC, get in touch with the experts at Trademasters Vehicle Solutions. We’re always happy to help! Located in Chilliwack.