Towing and Hauling

Towing and Hauling Accessories: Why Tradesmasters’ Advice Is So Important

There’s the old expression, “You can’t take it with you.” At Trademasters in Chilliwack, we say, “yes, you can”!

We’re experts at securing the stuff you need to make the most of your road trips. No matter what you’re looking to tow, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure you don’t exceed your load capacity. Trademasters has the products and advice to keep you safe. Visit us in Chilliwack today!

Get the Towing Equipment to Manage Your Cargo

Whether you’re looking to tow your car behind your RV or attach a 5th wheel camper to your truck, our store in Chilliwack sells the hitches, air suspension kits, and camper tie-downs that will give you added confidence behind the wheel.

If you’re thinking about towing another vehicle or loading it up (say a motorcycle or your family’s collection of bikes), our team in Chilliwack is happy to advise you on the best products and the wisest solutions.
Our job is to ensure you have all the information and equipment to make the best decision.

How Many Pounds Do You Weigh?

It’s not a rude question when it’s about your vehicle and your summer holiday driving plans.

Not sure what the gross vehicle weight rating of your truck is? Not sure how much weight you can pull? The answers you seek may not be so easy to find (whether you’re checking online or in the owner’s manual of your vehicle). If you’re not sure, you can always stop by our Chilliwack location to find out.

Our staff specializes in hauling, towing, and figuring out what you’ll need for proper stability and a smooth ride.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Trademasters in Chilliwack is here to protect you, your summer fun, and the integrity of your vehicle.

Engine Damage

Without proper advice and a suitable hitch, you risk damaging your vehicle’s drivetrain and transmission. You’ll also want to make sure your tow vehicle is topped up with fluids. 

Blown-out Shocks

Just because your engine can handle the tow load, that doesn’t mean the rest of your vehicle is suitable. Trademasters in Chilliwack can advise you on the best towing practices and the things to watch out for.


Not enough tongue weight (the downward force at the coupling point) between your vehicle and the trailer being towed can lead to dangerous swaying as you drive.

Loss of Braking/Steering

Too much tongue weight can result in a loss of control and a potentially dangerous accident. Whether you’re just outside Chilliwack or you’re caught on a mountain pass, there’s never a good time for a breakdown.

Your Camper Falls Off Your Truck

This scenario might sound extreme but it can happen if you don’t attach things properly. Don’t be the driver who has to explain this one.

Trusted Professional Services

Our business is understanding the needs of our customers. We’ll make sure you’re equipped with the right product for your vehicle. Give us a call in Chilliwack with any towing or towing capacity questions you may have. We’re always happy to assist.

With over 30 years of experience helping B.C. drivers, our products and services are second to none. We only deal with the most trusted suppliers.

When it comes to flat towing, hauling a 5th wheel RV trailer, receiver hitches, air springs and suspension kits, Trademasters is the place to go for qualified service. Our location in Chilliwack is well stocked with the best parts and accessories.

We supply Demco, Blue Ox, Roadmaster, Curt, Andersen, B&W and other respected brands to help you tow vehicles of different sizes.

Towing Hitch, Trademasters

Final Thoughts

Trademasters in Chilliwack is happy to talk you through all your equipment options as part of our friendly service. We know our stuff and love helping B.C. drivers make the best decision.

We can talk about trailers and trucks all day long. Let us know about your upcoming plans, and we’ll figure out the best way for you to haul everything you need to have fun.

Check out our store hours and drop by our location in Chilliwack at your convenience. You can also contact us using the electronic form on this website.