Trademasters Offers a Wide Selection of Lift Kits and Other Accessories

If you’re looking to raise the of your vehicle, we sell the following:

  • Lift kits (for adding larger tires or a few inches of height without affecting your shocks)
  • Levelling kits (to raise the front of your vehicle to adjust for the manufacturer’s rear elevation/rake)
  • Suspension kits (to enhance ground clearance for off-roading)

The right kit will boost your confidence behind the wheel, but only with proper installation.

Visit Chilliwack for the Highest-Rated Lift Kit Brands

Trademasters in Chilliwack sells and installs the most reliable lift kit brands on the market. If it’s not a quality product, we won’t recommend it! We are happy to advise on the best suspension kit for your vehicle based on our experience and customer feedback.

If you have questions about the lift kits or suspension upgrades we have in stock, stop by our location in Chilliwack for a discussion. You can also call or send us a message.

Suspension lift kits on your truck, jeep, or SUV provide the clearance you need when you want to go off-roading. However, many people only want a lift kit to add some driving height and a bit of style. We agree with you; the raised vehicles that leave our shop always look sharp!

Trademasters Ensures You Get the Best Product for Your Purpose

Whether you own a Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or a Jeep, before investing in a lift kit, you’ll need to ask yourself why you want it.

Today’s lift kits serve many purposes; however, some brands are better suited for specific makes and will generally serve one purpose better than another.

When browsing for suspension products, it comes down to your vehicle type and your driving needs and expectations.

  • Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your ride?
  • Is your vehicle used for towing?
  • Does your truck or jeep require extra ground clearance for off-roading?
  • Do you plan to add larger tires?

Whatever your intentions may be, Trademasters in the Fraser Valley will determine the best choice of parts for you.

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Don’t Worry! Trademasters Will Handle the installation and Servicing

Here’s something all you do-it-yourselfers need to know: suspension lift kits can be time-consuming and technical to install. The installation process will quickly become a giant headache without the proper tools and expertise. And not all suspension lift kits include everything you need. There are also many potential problems one can run into that are hard to navigate without licensed mechanics or thorough mechanical knowledge.

Be aware that any lift installation will change the day-to-day handling of your vehicle. Trademasters can make recommendations based on your driving habits.

We suggest leaving any suspension lift installations to the pros at our Chilliwack location. We ensure all aftermarket parts are integrated correctly to protect your axles, bearings, and other components.

Depending on your setup, you’ll also require a team for re-torquing after the first 800 kilometres. Mechanical inspections are recommended every 8,000 kilometres after that. Our crew can advise on all recommended servicing.

If you have any questions about lift kits, get in touch with our team in Chilliwack.